Caregiving Affirmations  

Janet has peppered over 70 caregiving affirmations throughout Finding Meaning with Charles. She hopes they will provide encouragement when you are caring for a loved one. She recommends that you select one or two that you relate to and write them down. Then keep mindful of them everyday. Here are a few sample affirmations.

  • Approach your loved one sympathetically. A gentle approach can bring breakthrough communication.

  • Reflect on your special relationship for inspiration when life gets overwhelming.

  • Hold on to your passions, because they are the essence of who you are.

  • Feel all of life's emotions.

  • Explore life's adventures together to store up fond memories that will sustain you.

  • When you're faced with disappointments, focus on at least one positive thing.

  • A positive attitude will provide strength to help you handle emotional pain.

  • Work together to make meaning out of the tragedy of disease.

  • No matter how overwhelmed you both are, make a commitment to keep your spirits high.

  • Let the love flow, even when all else is lost.

  • A positive attitude can help you get through the toughest times.

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